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Shirodkar Suture Removal


What Is shirodkar suture removal?

This is the removal of the stitch, done with a regional anaesthetic such as spinal or epidural, so that you are pain-free during the procedure.

Why is it done?

A doctor normally removes the cervical suture at around 37 weeks gestation or beforehand if labour has started. This is to enable the mother to give birth through the cervix.

What to expect after surgery?

The removal is a far quicker procedure than insertion. You will be offered gas and air but no other pain relief as it's not considered a painful procedure. It is uncomfortable and I'd recommend having a friend or your partner with you if that's ok. It's normally done in the delivery suite. Take your delivery bag with you as you could go into labour. You'll be monitored afterwards and if you don't go into labour you may still experience Braxton Hicks. They'll send you home once they are confident you're not in labour. It may bleed a little afterwards.

What are the risks of the surgery?

  • Drainage of amniotic fluid or rupture of the membranes.
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Established premature labour
  • Local infection
  • Fetal anomalies if you can detect them


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